Friday, February 10, 2017

LOVE...BY THE BOOK: Valentine's Day Book Picks

In her "intuitive's guide to finding and keeping love", I See Your Soul Mate (St.  Martin's Press, 2012, Amazon), life coach Sue Frederick claims that there are no outside circumstances that can keep us from finding true love: love is the energy we swim in, the fabric of our divine universe, the very essence of our DNA. "Heartbreak and loneliness occur not because of what anyone else has done to you, not because you're unattractive, and not because there aren't enough single people your age," says Frederick, "only YOU stand in your way." We experience pain and loneliness when we forget our life mission and stop embracing the person we came here to be. It's when we walk on the life path we were meant for that our chances to find true love enhance dramatically, and the best way to cross paths with The Right One is reclaiming our True Self.

Whether your approach to love and life is a fatalistic one (my 'other half' is somewhere out there and if I can't find  him/her I'll be doomed to eternal unhappiness), or you believe in your ability to control your life and to find happiness in yourself rather than in that one person the universe has supposedly intended  for you (because nobody can 'complete' us but ourselves; there is a multiplicity of people and experiences that can help us achieve that inner wholeness and chances are one of them will suit us and our life circumstances better than anyone or anything else), this time of the year inevitably turns into a wake-up call, nudging us to wonder if, when, where, and how we can attract fulfilling love relationships back in our lives.

Harper Collins is offering a few ebook deals for this Valentine's Day week, in the self-help, relationship guide category. Grab these offers before they expire: they may help you turn your love life around and certainly won't hurt your wallet.

Here they are:

The Soulmate Secret will show you how to take control of your romantic  destiny by using the Law of Attraction. Finding true love is possible for anyone at any age if you are willing to prepare yourself, on all levels, to become a magnet for love. Arielle Ford knows this from experience. She used the techniques in this book to bring her soul mate into her life at age forty-four. They were engaged three weeks later.

"This wonderful Universe of ours  is set up to deliver to us people and experiences that are consistent with our personal belief systems. If you don't believe you will ever find "The One", then guess what? You get to be probably won't. If, however, you learn to believe that The One is not only out there but is also looking for you, then you open the door for true love to enter."

"Every moment of every day, we are sending out energetic signals that are felt by the people around us. This explains why a desperate person draws to himself or herself more desperation, while a person who is already fulfilled becomes a magnet for greater fulfillment. If we want to attract life partners who are happy, passionate, and empowered, we must first seek to generate this feelings within ourselves."

Are you intrigued yet?  The e-book is available for only $ 1.99.


Love. We want it. We need it. We pay it homage with songs and poems and great works of art. And when we lose it, there's no pain as intense or excruciating. As the editor of a column about love for the New York Times, Daniel Jones reads thousands of stories about people's intimate relationships. In Love Illuminated, he teases apart this mystifying emotion that thrills, crushes, and sustains—with the help of 50,000 strangers.

Here's a little teaser for you:

"Relationships challenge everyone, but why does desire drive some to benevolence and others to corrosive megalomania? [...] In love, as in life, it’s the questions that count. After all, love is about curiosity, not certainty. It’s about tossing oneself overboard into the wild seas, not remaining safely on deck. So slip into your wet suit and mask and oxygen tank, and take my hand. Oh, and grab a pair of those rubber nose plugs to keep the salt water from shooting up your nostrils on impact. It’s a big drop, and we’re going in."

You can purchase the Kindle edition for $ 1.99.

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