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  1. I would love for your to review my new novella, Terror at White Otter Castle. It was about to be released when my publisher folded. I can send you a copy.
    Bonnie Ferrante
    Terror at White Otter Castle by Bonnie Ferrante
    Laurel, Aster, and Beth have been best friends since grade one when they created the “triangle of power". In September, as high school graduates, they will head off in different directions. Because Laurel fears it will be the end of their friendship, she convinces the others to join her on an end of summer trip - a nine-day canoe expedition to White Otter Castle, deep in the Northern Canadian forest. Unknown to her, the hundred-year-old log castle is has a dark secret. The “triangle of power” faces the ultimate test when the dark forest holds a terror they never imagined. Suitable for ages 14 and up.
    Available in kindle and paperback editions on Amazon.

  2. Bonnie, thank you for your review submission. Please, contact me at minadecaro [at] hotmail {dot} com for details.

  3. Hello Mina. I found you today on Sourcebooks. Your reading tastes are quite similar to mine. I would love to trade reading suggestions with you. ~ Dylan