Tuesday, February 7, 2012


MY RUTHLESS PRINCE (The Inferno Club #4) by Gaelen Foley

Paperback, 384 pages
Published December 27th 2011 by Avon 
Genre: historical romance novel
Rating: 4 stars
My Ruthless Prince is my fourth Gaelen Foley romance novel after Prince Charming, My Dangerous Duke and Lord of Ice, which I have utterly adored. Yet, I am afraid   this one didn’t live up to the high standards  set by my previous readings, all rated 5 stars and rightly so. 

If on one hand MRP fulfills my expectations in terms of clever plot, always intriguing and at times even breathtaking (the final chapters will keep your eyes glued to the pages of the book), I found the romantic tension between the protagonists to be surprisingly tame, especially if compared to the sizzling romance Ms. Foley has been able to create in the above mentioned novels.  
The reason probably lays in the very nature of our hero Drake Lord Westwood, a warrior perilously treading between good and evil, light and darkness: months of physical tortures, hatred, betrayal, revenge and deception certainly don’t encourage a free display of feelings, let alone love and passion.

Thank Heavens for our heroine Emily Harper! So genuine and fresh (like all Foley’s female characters are), so loving and generous, smart and ethereal like a fairy of the woods, perfect counterpart and matching complement of her dark and fallen lover Drake.  For me, she is the defining element of the novel, the spirit that holds everything together, symbol of the healing power of unconditional love, a love so powerful and deep that will bring our hero back to life, back to his true honorable self.


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