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LADY SOPHIA'S LOVER (Bow Street Runners #2) by Lisa Kleypas

Mass Market Paperback, 377 pages
Published June 4th 2002 by Avon Books
Genre: historical romance novel
Rating: 5 stars

London, England 1830.  Sophia Sidney’s plans of revenge against the magistrate (Sir Ross Cannon) who sent her younger brother to jail (where he supposedly died during an outbreak of cholera) will fall apart when she realizes she can’t help falling in love with him. She will convince Ross to hire her as a secretary at his special police force office (the Bow Street Runners), with the intention of stealing documents and any piece of information that may compromise him, his operations and his staff. But after better getting acquainted with him, Sophia will realize that not only Sir Cannon is a passionate and lovable man, but also that he is an extremely honorable and irreproachable magistrate and that he wasn’t responsible for her brother’s unjust imprisonment and death.

Beyond any doubt LSL is the most complete and most riveting installment of The Bow Street Runners Series.  The plot is probably one of the most intriguing ever written by LK: the unexpected  mind-blowing twist in the final chapters (I really didn’t see it coming) is just one of the many highlights of this scorching HRN. LK has a flair for drawing you into her plots from the start with likable and believable characters. Ross, The Monk of Bow Street, is one of my favorite Kleypas’ male heroes, a solid alpha male clad in an armor of self-discipline and hard work, resolute and ferocious in his mission to pursue justice, passionless and taciturn. Yet a volcanic passion boils under that strong surface of steel and those piercing gray eyes: it will take a strong  and endearing feminine character like Sophia to peel  those layers of stoicism and discipline and to reveal the caring, loving, passionate and creative lover/husband.

Certain things never change throughout  the career of a talented writer: LK’s trademarks define each page of her novel, delivering a sizzling story of revenge, love and forgiveness with her usual stylish prose, three-dimensional characterization, emotional depths and a palpable (probably some of the most steamy love scenes you will ever read in a HRN) romantic/sexual chemistry. 

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