Friday, November 23, 2012


Kindle Edition
Published September 2011 by Apocryphile Press 
Genre: memoirs, autobiography

Amazon blurb
Readers of "Ruby’s World – My Journey with the Zulu" demanded answers!

In "Unlocking the Dream", Karen Baldwin shares her intimate dream of a one-breasted heroine that drives her through an intense journey of healing and self-determination. Not satisfied to merely survive a heart attack and breast cancer, Karen demands that her dreams dictate a purpose and path for her life.

In response, her nights explode with colorful images that lead her to travel alone to a Zulu village in South Africa. Once there, what begins as a joyous adventure becomes a crushing and inexplicable betrayal.
Dreams nurture and guide our souls’ contracts. Join Karen Baldwin’s compelling adventure and decide for yourself: Has she unlocked the key elements of her dreams, or is she still on the journey?

– Wanda Burch – Author of "She Who Dreams" 


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