Tuesday, April 9, 2013


What an incredible lineup of books on Mina's Bookshelf in the weeks to come! Praiseworthy, fresh new voices, authors who never left the spotlight, comebacks, indie and traditionally published, fiction and non-fiction (NEW), you name it. Authors, readers, I hope to see you on my blog. Join Mina's Bookshelf and follow my reviews.

 Upcoming book reviews

Austensibly Ordinary, by Alyssa Goodnight (fantasy, chick lit)
The Nine Phases Of Marriage, by Susan Shapiro Barash (non-fiction)
Angelopolis, by Danielle Trussoni (paranormal, fantasy, young adult)
Life After Life, by Kate Atkinson (literary fiction, historical, fantasy)
Cera's Place, by Elizabeth McKenna (historical fiction, romance, indie)
Bare It All, by Lori Foster (romantic suspense, contemporary novel)
A White Wind Blew, by James Markert (literary fiction, historical)
William & Lucy, by Michael Brown (literary fiction, historical)
Staged, by Ruby Preston (chick lit, contemporary novel)
The Salamander Club, by Mats and Karin Eriksson (philosophical novel)
I See Your Soul Mate, by Sue Frederick (non-fiction)
I See Your Dream Job, by Sue Frederick (non-fiction)
The Cherry Cola Book Club, by Ashton Lee (contemporary novel, cozy fiction)
Embryo 2: Crosshairs, by J.A. Schneider (medical thriller, sci-fi, indie)
Uncorked, by Rebecca Rohman (contemporary novel, romantic suspense, indie)

and the latest releases by Sherri Wood Emmons, Colette Freedman, Ellen Marie Wiseman, Jon Harrison, Sophie Kinsella, Suzanne Palmieri...and much more!



  1. Looks like a great list, Mena! I look forward to your reviews! :)

  2. Gah! I misspelled your name in my last comment. Sorry, Mina! Oh, and I love your couch! :D

  3. Hi Celeste! Don't worry about the spelling of my name ;) Mena is pretty close. Thank you for following my blog. It means a lot to me. The couch was designed by my husband and it's available in many retail stores across the country.