Friday, August 2, 2013

UNCORKED by Rebecca Rohman (Books & Wine #4)

Published February 2013 by Rebecca Rohman
Edition: ebook, 366 pages
Genre: contemporary fiction, thriller, suspense, romance, women's fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Blurb - "Chella Noon’s life isn’t her own. Her success as a Marketing Executive in the cosmetic division of an international conglomerate is overshadowed by a series of tragic events from a decade ago. With no family, few trusted friends and years spent on the run, she opens herself up to the possibility of a future with a sexy new real estate investor despite escalating threats from a psychotic ex determined to torment her. Mitch Mariani never met a deal he couldn’t close. So when Chella walks into his life, he will stop at nothing to prove he is worthy of her trust. But as Chella’s past catches up to them and danger exposes his well-guarded secrets, his heart may not be the only thing at risk of a tragic end."

My review - This contemporary debut novel, authored by indie writer Rebecca Rohman, is labeled as "romance with elements of suspense." Well, the label may not adequately describe the intensity and scope of those romantic and suspenseful elements. Apart from being an enjoyable read, I was pleasantly surprised to find more than promised by the concise synopsis and the refined, but not-so-revealing, cover artwork: suspense a-go-go and 'steam' beyond my expectations. With a profusion of well written love scenes (more in the vein of an erotic romance novel), and a sustained use of plot twists (at times predictable but nonetheless engrossing), Uncorked was a solid, well-paced, and engaging read. My only perplexities about the book (minor issues affecting mainly the first part) regard a certain stiltedness in the dialogues, but they are quite successfully resolved by the author as the story unfolds. Actually, Ms. Rohman takes the emotional intensity of the storyline to a remarkably heart-grabbing level, particularly in the final chapters. I found myself rooting for Chella and Mitch more than I initially thought I would: their love story was sweet, spicy, and 'angsty' enough to entice me and keep me captive from cover to cover. A promising debut.

*E-copy generously provided by the author in return of a fair and unbiased review



Chella & Mitch's story takes place for the most part in beautiful San Diego, so I'm going to pair the book with a Californian red, which happens to be also Mitch's favorite. Opus One is available in a variety of great vintages, but my choice would be Opus One Red Bordeaux Blend Napa Valley 2001, a medium bodied, dark ruby red, with notes of plums, black currants, and anise. Elegant and complex, Opus One is an excellent conversation starter on a date and perfect complement for a candlelight dinner...Uncorked will put you just in the right mood for it. My menu for a romantic tête-à-tête would be mushroom risotto with peas, pork roast, and baked fennels au gratin. Cheers!


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