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Movie Feature THE STREAM In Support Of Boys & Girls Clubs Of America - Interview With Robert Petril

THE STREAM, a family 'coming-of-age' comedy
I have recently had the pleasure to sit down for a chat with Robert Petril, Production Designer of the upcoming  feature film “The Stream”. Robert, a Philadelphia native, furniture, commercial space, and production designer, shared with us some very exciting news  (and behind the scenes pictures) about the launch of this coming-of-age family comedy produced by the Dreaming Tree Foundation, written by Colin Costello, and directed by Estlin Feigley. Regal Cinemas announced today that “The Stream”, a unique family movie benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs Of America, starring Mario Lopez (EXTRA, X-Factor), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs), and Rainn Wilson (The Office, Super, Six Feet Under),  will be released in select theaters across the nation on October 18, 2013.  

Actress Kelly Rutherford and set designer Robert Petril
Set in 1981, “The Stream” follows the story of five friends who embark on an epic adventure. All they have to do is follow The Stream and back. With Mom (Kelly Rutherford) gone for four hours, what could possibly go wrong? Encountering bullies, mystical creatures, and a nasty storm, the five kids will need the force of their friendship to prevail.

Director Estlin Feigley with one of the actors
Q. Robert, why is this movie project so important and noteworthy?
A. “The Stream” was produced by Dreaming Tree Foundation in  partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs Of America, and will directly benefit the charity with over 80% of producer proceeds from the theatrical release and DVD distribution, going directly to BGCA to support their kids and youth education programs. Additionally, about two-hundred kids from Boys & Girls Clubs around the country received the unique opportunity to work behind the camera or in the editing bay. Working with all these kids, including my 9 year old son Marco, truly was an amazing experience.

Behind the scene with director and Boys & Girls Clubs Of America
Q. What role did you exactly cover in this project?
A.  My role was to turn multiple rooms, interiors, and outdoor spaces back to 1981. A challenging task, but one I feel my age gave me an advantage.  I was a teenager myself during the period of this story. My memories of my own and my friends’ houses in the early 80's were burned deep into my brain. Let's just say...the design sensibilities of that time were not the most alluring. We're talking the age of brown paneling! One of the most challenging tasks was to find cars in use during that time period. 

Actors Christian Gorham and Kelly Rutherford on set
Q. How can the audience give a contribution to the BGCA’s philanthropic  effort?
A. Over 7,000 American teenagers drop out of school daily, resulting in some 1,200,000 students each year  who won’t graduate with their class. “The Stream” benefiting Boys & Girls Clubs Of America hopes to change that. Just buying a movie ticket you can give a significant contribution to the charity and make a difference in the lives of millions of kids. 

Behind the scene of the movie THE STREAM
Q. It’s great to see celebrities such as Christopher Gorham, Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, and Reinn Wilson stepping up to the plate and playing main roles in this family comedy. Did you have the chance to work side by side with the movie ‘stars’ during the shootings?
A. I worked on set mainly with Kelly Rutherford and Christopher Gorham. They play the role of parents of one of the five kid protagonists of the story. Two extremely down-to-earth people, talented and highly committed to the BGCA’s cause. Mario Lopez, who plays the father of one of the characters involved in this epic adventure,  is a BGCA Alumn and Advocate. As he stated in our press release, this cause is very dear to his heart as he would not be where he is today if it wasn’t for this foundation’s help.

Set producer assistant and actor Mario Lopez
Q. Are there any other partners involved in this philanhtropic project?
A. Yes, there are. Program partners include presenters AT&T and Taco Bell Foundation For Teens, with additional support from Best Buy, ITW, Exelon, Shure Incorporated and Century 21, all of whom sponsored the film program because of their commitment to America’s youth.

Behind the scene with actors Christian Gorham and Kelly Rutherford
Q. Robert, can you give us some details about the premiere events?
A. The theatrical release exclusively in Regal Cinemas will be launched by two ‘blue-carpet premiere events’ to celebrate the mission (and colors) of the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America. Premieres will be at Regal Union Square Stadium 14 (New York) on October 15th, and Regal L.A. Live Stadium 14 (Los Angeles) on October 16th , with the celebrity actors and BGCA teen-filmmakers in attendance at both events. For further details, I would invite you to visit “TheStream” movie , Robert Petril “Design On The Edge”, and the Dreaming ThreeFoundation websites.

Behind the Scene with actor Riann Wilson
Q. Can you share with us a list of theaters where “The Stream” will premiere on October 18th?
New York: UA Kaufman Astoria, Queens, NY (matinees only)
New York: Regal New Roc 18, New Rochelle, NY (matinees only)
Chicago: Round Lake 18
Chicago: Cantera 17 (Warrenville)
Chicago: (city of north suburbs); specific theaters tba (matinees only)
Philadelphia: Peoples Plaza 17
Philadelphia: Riverview 17
Philadelphia: Washington Township 14
Boston: Solomon Pond 15
Los Angeles: Long Beach 26
Orange County: Irvine Spectrum 21
Oakland: Emery Bay 10
San Diego: Parkway Plaza 18, El Cajon
Washington DC: Majestic 20, Silver Springs
Baltimore: Snowden Square 14, Columbia
Atlanta: Hollywood 20, Chamblee
Atlanta: Atlantic Station (matinees only)
Minneapolis: Brooklyn Center 20
Denver: Colorado Mills 16
Dallas: UA Grand Prairie, TX (matinees only)

Actor Christian Gorham on the set of THE STREAM movie
Thank you for your time and insights, Robert.  Take your kids to the movies for a great cause! Regal Cinemas premieres “The Stream” on October 18th , a family comedy benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America. For up-to-date information about the movie and details regarding the BGCA charity, visit “The Stream”, the Dreaming Tree Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America, and Robert Petril “Design On The Edge”.

Behind the scene of THE STREAM
Coming to theaters October 18th, nationwide. DON'T MISS IT!!! Help and the BOYS & GIRLS CLUBS OF AMERICA. 


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