Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day! In the words of Rob Lowe, Author Of LOVE LIFE

One of the best considerations about fatherhood I have read in recent times comes from American film and television actor Rob Lowe, author of two unexpectedly well-written and highly enjoyable memoirs, Stories I Only Tell My Friends (Henry Holt & Co., April 2011) and the recently published Love Life (Simon & Schuster, April 2014):
"I’m surprised at how little we say to each other, and how good that feels. There is nothing we are withholding and I know that our “being current” with each other, as the shrinks would say, is a result of years spent in each other’s company. Not just dinner or good-nights or drop-offs; it’s time coaching his teams, being in the stands, on fishing boats, in the water surfing or diving, watching stupid television, being home on nights when he is with his friends and talking smack with them, standing up to and getting in the face of teachers, parents, other kids or anyone who so much as thought about treating him badly.
We put in the time together; we built this thing we have of com­fort and love. And now, as we both prepare to let go of each other, it is paying off."
(From LOVE LIFE by Rob Lowe, on sending his first son off to college)

If you asked me why my bar of expectations about Rob Lowe 'the writer' vs. 'the actor' was initially low, I honestly wouldn't be able to answer. His good looks and acting talent are an indisputable fact; his writing skills, a pleasant discovery.  To my greatest surprise, the Parks And Recreation star shows great storytelling flair and, as the fine and delightful narrator that he is, he strikes the fatherhood cord with a smooth and candid voice, reminding all fathers out there that what their children will follow some day is their example, not their advice.

Happy Father's Day!


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