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Love Lessons Learned with Andrea Laurence, Author of Snowed In With Her Ex

Love Lessons Learned
with Andrea Laurence
author of

Ian and Bree’s story is a classic second chance romance that plays on all our youthful dreams and expectations, and what happens when life doesn’t turn out the way you plan. They broke up not because they weren’t in love or were incompatible, but because they let their relationship suffer when life’s dramas interfered. When Ian loses his dream of being a musician, he scrambles to find a new dream, and in throwing himself into that, he alienates Bree and becomes the one kind of man she never wanted to date – one just like her workaholic father.

When brought back together nine years later, they have to come to terms with the fact that they didn’t handle any of it well and let those past fears and expectations go. Just because he works a lot doesn’t mean he’ll become just like her father. Just because she encouraged his music doesn’t mean she wouldn’t love him if he stopped playing. They also have to find the balance in their relationship and in their lives. He can play music without being a rock star and she can love a man who is passionate about everything in his life, not just his music. In finding that balance, they can find a future together that may not be what they’d envisioned back when they were eighteen, but will be far more sustainable and healthy for them.

I think a lot of couples experience these growing pains, especially when they start dating at a young age. People change, ideals get crushed, dreams fall apart... all that affects who we are as people. If you’re not willing to allow your relationship to evolve and grow as each of you evolve and grow, you’ll end up growing apart. You have to work hard and growing together, and that’s what Ian and Bree learn to do.


By Andrea Laurence

Wedding photographer Briana Harper never expected to run into her ex at an engagement shoot and when a blizzard strands them alone in a remote mountain cabin, she knows she's in trouble. She's never forgotten Ian Lawson, but none of the reasons they broke up have changed. He's still a workaholic—and now he's an engaged workaholic.  But Ian is also still a man who knows what he wants and what he wants is Briana. Untangling the lies of his current engagement leaves him free to indulge, but proving he's changed may be this music mogul's toughest negotiation yet.

Praise for Andrea Laurence

“Charming, fun stories and nicely drawn characters make for a great read.”  –RT Magazine

“Her writing style is witty and keeps you in your toes, while weaving a tale with the perfect amount of sweet romance.”
Two Moms Reading Blog

“The romance is the perfect combination of emotions and passion. The amazing chemistry between the characters also helps.”
Harlequin Junkie

“I fell in love from the first line of the book, and my joy continued throughout the entire story.”
–Barbara Vey, Reviewer

ANDREA LAURENCE has been devouring books since she learned to read at the age of 3. An old portable typewriter got her started writing in her room at 8 and she's been writing ever since. Her practical nature led her to pursue a master's degree and a career that would pay the bills, but the writing bug continued to bite. She started working ferociously in her spare time to become a published author and has become an active member of her local RWA chapter, Heart of Dixie. After eight years and 11 completed manuscripts, she finally made the leap and got "the call" from Harlequin Desire on May 31, 2011.
A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, Andrea is working on her real-life "happily ever after" with her boyfriend of 10 years and their collection of animals including two cats, two mutts and a Siberian husky that sheds like nobody's business.

By Andrea Laurence
Harlequin Desire; January 15, 2015
$5.25 US; 192 pages
ISBN-13: 9780373733620

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