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By T. Dasu



Love, intrigue and danger mark T. Dasu’s thrilling debut novel

About the book
Jane Austen meets John le Carre in the riveting international romantic thriller Spy, Interrupted: The Waiting Wife, which follows a newlywed couple on an emotionally wrought journey rife with love, intrigue, and suspense.
After a whirlwind romance and a clandestine wedding that shocks friends and family, Nina thinks she’s settling into a quiet, normal life with her husband, Stephen. Little does she know of the violent alter ego that lurks behind Stephen’s mysterious calm—or his ulterior motive for marrying her in SPY INTERRUPTED: THE WAITING WIFE by T. Dasu (IndiaWrites Publishers, Inc.; Paperback $10.92).
That is, until an ordinary business trip to India turns her world upside down and puts her life in jeopardy.
Now, as the newlyweds run for their lives and Stephen tries to help the government unravel a possible terrorist plot, the facts surrounding his true identity come surging to the surface. Can Nina move past the deception and accept all of her husband’s secrets? And, more importantly, can Stephen protect the couple from the men who are out to destroy them?
IndiaWrites Publishers, Inc.
335 pages; $10.92 U.S.
ISBN- 978-0692320297


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About the author
Dasu’s impressionable years were spent on multiple continents, and it is these richly varied experiences that serve as inspiration for Dasu’s writing. In addition to being a published author of both fiction and nonfiction works, Dasu also translates regional Indian fiction into English. Dasu enjoys classic stories of love and longing like Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, and literary espionage exemplified by Graham Greene’s Our Man in Havana.
Praise from readers

“A unique blend of soft and tough characters and their interaction in a plot that keeps you riveted to the book to the last page.”
N. Katti

“Very well written...absolutely gripping. The building of characters and the characterization make for a good read. The vivid descriptions of the scenes create the vibrant thriller in the story.” 
Sridevan Krishnaswamy

“T. Dasu captures so many of the little details that make a marriage rich—sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes deliriously joyful. I would love to read a sequel about the next stage in their relationship. Hard to believe this is Dasu's first published book!”
DeDe Paul


Q&A with the author
What inspired you to write SPY, INTERRUPTED: THE WAITING WIFE?

I grew up reading literary espionage novels but there was something lacking. I wondered about the emotional lives and relationships of those involved in the espionage business. What does it take for them to earn their partner’s trust in their relationships? Is it possible for such a person to be normal? What’s it like to be married to someone whose job it is to lie and deceive on a daily basis? Is their spouse always second-guessing their actions and motives?

Nina, the female protagonist, is from a traditional Indian family. How does her background impact the story and her relationship with Stephen?

Nina’s background has a profound effect on Stephen, who is not accustomed to such a close-knit family, whom, at first glance, seems to hover constantly. He grows close to Nina’s family over time as they cluster around Nina and him in times of need. Stephen’s relationship with his in-laws, particularly his mother-in-law, becomes even more prominent in the second part of the trilogy: Spy, Interrupted: The Perfect Candidate.

What moment would you say defines Stephen and Nina’s relationship?

A moment that defines their relationship is when Nina apologizes to Stephen for being angry, resentful and abandoning him at a time when he needed her most. She had stalked off to her parents’ home earlier because Stephen had hidden his profession from her. That’s the moment she really grows up and learns to separate the essential from the noise. Stephen has always been constant and mature in his love for her, if somewhat reckless. He knew and appreciated Nina’s inherent tenderness all along.

Nina’s friend Amy is skeptical of Nina’s relationship with Stephen at first. What changes her mind about Stephen?

Amy’s main concern is that Stephen is a controlling person, and that he manipulates Nina. This colors her thinking and interpretation of his behavior. When she realizes that what she thought was controlling behavior (telling Nina where to sit in a restaurant, never leaving her side on the schooner) was actually Stephen desperately trying to create a safe-zone around Nina, Amy understands his motivation.

The main characters, Nina and Stephen, travel to India and Pakistan. Where have you traveled?

I have been fortunate to travel all across the USA, as well as to Turkey, UK, France, Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, and Slovenia.




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