Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB by Sue Frederick

"A Career Intuitive Shows You How To Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do"

Hardcover, 272 pages
Published September 1, 2009 by St. Martin's Press
Genre: non-fiction, inspirational, career coaching
Rating: 4.5 stars

"Tonight, before you go to bed, spend a few minutes reviewing your life from a detached perspective - as if you were watching a movie. Take note of the moments when you can say, "Look how good I was at that...". Let those realizations guide you to the work you came here to do."

I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB by Sue Frederick
One of the most common behaviors when we are stuck in a job that doesn't gratify us anymore is to hold on to it, waiting for a change of luck or better times and opportunities to come around. In a general climate of uncertainty and economic downturn, perseverance seems to be the safest choice. It happens, though, that our need to change direction will become painfully obvious at some point: the circumstances we have been relying on for years fall apart, and we inevitably start looking around us for someone to blame. Hanger, frustration and uneasiness start poisoning our relationships, causing an accumulation of negative energy that will destroy marriages, family harmony and, in some cases, even cause chronic depression and health challenges. The truth is that we have probably downplayed or completely buried our talents and true nature since a young age, in order to make room for what is sensible and expected from us, a job that pays the bills but leaves our souls empty and stranded on the wrong life-path. Almost like driving on foreign lands without GPS. Our talents are our only true compass and, if uncovered and cultivated, they will guide us toward fulfillment and self-development.

But how do we recognize these talents and integrate them in our current life course? How do we convert the sense of dislocation and fear of change, that is preventing us from moving forward, into the very fuel that will raise our consciousness and propel us into a new career?
Whether you're skeptical or not about the use of numerology, sun signs, and intuition as a path to self-knowledge and personal renovation, you will find Sue Frederick's message to be inspiring and thought-provoking. Combining her precognitive skills with her vast background as a journalist and career advisor, Frederick embraces mystical teachings, meditation techniques, quantum physics' principles (human intellect as pure physical energy) as tools to unveil the destiny roadmap and life mission encoded in the numbers of our birth date.

I am sure the theories explored by Frederick in I See Your Dream Job, albeit interesting and fascinating, may raise a few eyebrows among those who would rather dismiss the connection between destiny and numbers as an entertaining topic, more suitable for the horoscope section of a glossy magazine. Consider that numerology, the ancient system according to which numbers carry a meaning and the sum of the numbers in our birth date reveal our life mission, has an illustrious pedigree in mystic, mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (580 B. C.). Not to mention the endorsement of quantum physicists and PhDs such as William A. Tiller and Amit Goswami in support of psychic phenomena perfectly explained by physics:

"When individual minds focus their attention on anything, a quantum energy surge occurs, which has a physical and measurable effect on our reality...the universe is self-aware...consciousness itself creates the physical world."

The power of positive projection and Disney axiom "If you can dream it, you can do it", if you will. I wouldn't argue with these guys...I'd rather keep an open mind. Would you?

***Complimentary copy graciously offered by the publicist in return of an impartial review.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read, Mina. I'll have to check it out. :)

    1. It is, Celeste! I am about to read also I SEE YOUR SOUL MATE: An Intuitive's Guide To Finding And Keeping Love by the same author. Stay tuned for the review :)