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Interview With Sue Frederick, Author Of I SEE YOUR DREAM JOB: A Career Intuitive Shows You How To Discover What You Were Put On Earth To Do

According to Sue Frederick, career intuitive and author of inspirational guides I See Your Dream Job (read my review) and I See Your Soul Mate , "too many people make their decisions based on fear, that nagging inner voice that says, 'you can't' - no wonder happiness seems so elusive". Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of other people's judgement hold us from unlocking our true potential. We base our choices on trends and fluctuating social fads, on what other people are doing or expects us to do. Trapped in a cage of negative emotions, conflictual relationships, unsuitable jobs, and buried under the weight of these predicaments, we are unable to connect with our higher self and natural talents. Sue Frederick has graciously accepted to answer a few questions about her book and today she is on Mina's Bookshelf to explain how all those challenging circumstances actually represent the greatest opportunities to understand who we really are and what we are meant to be.

Q. It's such an honor to have you on the blog, Sue. After a vast experience as a health journalist and career coach you have abandoned the practice of traditional counseling and decided to use your precognitive skills to help your clients stir their lives in a new and more fulfilling direction. What motivated your decision to become an  "intuitive counselor"?

A. My intuition has always guided my life and work, yet I seldom revealed that gift to co-workers or clients. But I reached a point where clients were telling me that I was “psychic” because I could see so much about them: their potential, their pain and their great work. Then I knew it was time to come out of the closet. I hung my shingle as a “career intuitive” – a term I invented and trademarked – and never looked back. Since then, I’ve owned up to my intuition in every area of my life, and it has all been deeply fulfilling. I’ve helped thousands of clients find their true work and heal their pain. I also train intuitive coaches and have trained and certified more than 300 of them around the world. This is truly my soul’s mission and I’m so blessed that I get to do this every day.

Q. Numerology is one of the tools you use to enlighten your clients' self-consciousness and understand where their birth path should lead them: their destiny is in a number. How does numerology, alone or in combination with our sun signs, work?

A. In 1980 when I lost my young husband to cancer, I was grief-stricken. A friend gifted me with a reading from a numerologist. In that one session, the numerologist changed my life in profound ways and I became obsessed with learning the Pythagoras’ number system. She trained me for many years and I studied the numbers of everyone I met and worked with from 1980 on – even when I was a journalist.

Today I use this Pythagoras number system combined with my own intuitive gifts to understand the work we each come here to do and how to move forward through challenges. It’s always accurate information and I’ve helped thousands of clients with it. I’ve created my own unique system of combining the birth path with the sun sign and using that as an intuitive gateway to understand the person’s journey here.

For example, my own path is the Virgo 22. I’m here to help shift consciousness with ideas and solutions that others can’t see, and to live deeply connected to the divine realms for this work. That’s what I do now, but it took many years to get to this – often getting lost in the perils of my path which included getting stuck in the drudgery of hard work, wanting to be accepted as conventional and like everyone else, and not seeing the bigger picture. Each path has its gifts and perils. Oprah is an Aquarius 22, and we’ve all watched her struggle with her exhausting career and succeed at doing her great work shifting consciousness with enlightened programming and ideas. This perspective is all explained in my books I See Your Dream Job & I See Your Soul Mate.

Q. More often than not, the real causes of a state of depression and uneasiness, or the relation between health issues and  lack of connection with our true self, go undetected. When should we consider seeking the help of a career coach, whether traditional or intuitive? How do we make sure our work is in alignment with our mission and destiny?

A. If we love our work, make good money at it, and feel fulfilled - we’re on path. But we each hit several pre-destined reinvention points in our lives when nothing feels right anymore and we know it’s time to change. (See below for more info about these pre-destined reinvention points).

Daily meditation is the best way to check in with our higher selves, quiet the worry mind, and remember who we are and what our next step is. I teach several meditation techniques in my books and webinars.

When we go through these reinvention points, it’s always helpful to reach out and get guidance from someone outside of our personal drama who isn’t affected by our choices. This is the job of a coach or intuitive coach like myself. I love helping clients move through challenging times and gain a new inspired perspective on their life and career.

Q. According to your book I See Your Dream Job, not only we are under the vibrational influence of a particular number, but each year of our lives is also characterized by a different type of energy and mission that follows a particular pattern. Can you tell us something about this cycle?

A. We each hit pre-destined reinvention points at 9-year cycles depending on our birth path. These 9-year cycles mark a letting go of the old self and a tweaking or reinvention of our work and personal lives. These cycles are perfectly designed to move us gracefully to a new level of our work that will be more fulfilling, more successful, and more in alignment with our soul’s great mission here. When we fight change, or refuse to let go of the past, or become too afraid to move forward into the unknown, we cause great hardship for ourselves. I help all of my clients understand these natural cycles of change and how to thrive within this flow of divine order. It’s truly empowering information.

Q. Life reinventions can be powerful and painful at the same time. When are they more likely to happen? How do we recognize the signs of an impending and necessary life change?

A. When we hit one of these reinventions it often feels scary - like we’re moving into unknown territory. And we may be grieving a career or loved one whom we’re leaving behind. These changes don’t have to be hard if we understand our 9-year cycles and listen to our inner guidance (instead of the monkey mind). Daily meditation taps us into our flawless inner guidance system. 

When we resist change or ignore what we know to be our next step, that’s when our life falls apart and we get the great cosmic nudge that’s perfectly designed to wake us up. These painful nudges make us ask the good questions: “Why am I here? What’s the purpose of my pain? What am I meant to do here?” We can’t find our true path until we seek answers to those questions – and that’s a spiritual process of looking within. It’s our moment of awakening.

Q. In your book you mention three "emergency switches" that can help raising our personal energy during times of challenge and transition.  What are they and how effective they can be in the improvement of our life quality in general?

A. When we’re in crisis, we reach a point where our pain, sadness, anger or blame is stopping us from healing and moving forward. This is when we need to use what I call EPR – Energetic Personal Resuscitation. We can choose to feel gratitude for something in our lives even if we’re in the midst of a rough patch. Or we can choose to share our sweetness – our authentic divine nature – with someone we’re in conflict with. And we can always use laughter to raise our energy and shift into a higher frequency. Any of these three emotions - gratitude, sweetness or humor - will help us feel better and be able to move forward.

Q. Have you encountered  skepticism in the course of your career as an intuitive? If so, how did you cope with it?

A. At first I encountered skepticism mostly from people around me who were invested in me staying the same. Change can threaten our loved ones. As my work became better known and my books were widely read, I encountered overwhelming gratitude from people who have been deeply helped by my work. If I encounter skepticism now, I send the cynics to study the science behind intuition and psychic phenomenon. There’s a lot of great science published in mainstream scientific journals that supports intuition. For example, Dean Radin’s work. His book Entangled Minds cites more than 200 studies validating psychic phenomenon.
Q. Quantum physics seems to be one of your strongest allies. How does science marry the mystical teachings you use in  your profession?

A. Quantum physics is a cutting edge science that has long embraced the idea that our physical world is made of pulsing waves of light – not matter. Quantum mechanics teaches that our world takes form for us only as we observe it.  When you really understand what these scientists are demonstrating in the lab, it’s mind-blowing. They’re validating a spiritual perspective on our human journeys; that we’re energy beings, pulsing waves of light, connected on a quantum level. This, I believe, is what every great spiritual tradition is also saying.

Q. Sue, do you have a favorite charity or philanthropic work you would like to share with Mina's Bookshelf readers?

A. Yes, I think we all need to support the Red Cross as we move into our future. So many changes are happening on our planet – designed to wake us up and help us remember who we are. Many of us will find ourselves needing help in our communities due to climate change. These super storms are becoming the norm. The Red Cross steps in first in a crisis.

Sue Frederick, thank you so much for gracing my blog with the favor of an interview. Readers, I hope you enjoyed it and found inspiration in her words. To know more about this author, please visit her website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and Amazon pages.

About the author
(Photo Credit: Gene Malowany)
Intuitive and author Sue Frederick, has been featured in the New York Times and has presented workshops at venues such as Omega Institute, The Crossings Retreat Center, Naropa University, Shambhala Retreat Center, Loyola University, American Business Women's Association and the National Career Development Association.
Her work has been featured in Self Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Yoga Journal, Natural Health, New York Times, and Nexus Magazines.
An intuitive since childhood and a professional career counselor trained at University of Missouri, Sue draws upon a unique combination of ancient mystical teachings, powerful intuition, and current career knowledge. Her books and classes show people how to tap into their own powerful intuitive guidance and access it to navigate career and relationships. Her highly acclaimed books, I See Your Dream Job and I See Your Soul Mate, are roadmaps for manifesting the work you came here to do and the love you came to experience.
Sue's books include I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive's Guide to Finding & Keeping Love; I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive's Guide to Finding the Work You Came Here To Do (St. Martin's Press) and Dancing at Your Desk: A Metaphysical Guide to Job Happiness.
As a former rock climbing and mountaineering instructor, Sue honed her teaching, mentoring and coaching skills while leading extreme survival courses through the Colorado Rocky Mountains for Outward Bound. Today, she resides in Colorado with her husband, Gene, and their two teen-aged kids. For more info or to schedule a session with Sue visit her website.

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