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CLOSER TO NEVER (Sebastian Falls #2) by Celeste Holloway: Cover Reveal, Teaser & Author Interview

What happens when Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga meets Danielle Trussoni's Angelology series? I'll tell you what happens: your plans for dinner turn into a culinary disaster. So, it happens that last June, while reading Celeste Holloway’s YA fantasy debut novel SEBASTIAN FALLS, I was so absorbed in its pulse-racing action and delicious romance that I completely forgot about my Bolognese sauce cooking on the stoves and…well, read my review here and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Celeste is back on the ‘crime scene’ (my kitchen, or at least a virtual version of it) with some mouth-watering news. Celeste, thank you for this very pleasant chat! 

Sebastian Falls (World Castle Publishing, May 2013)
Q. Celeste, your YA fantasy novel SEBASTIAN FALLS was released last May and that was your debut as a writer. Have you always dreamed of becoming a published author?
A. No, my writing career’s been a strange occurrence. I wrote a lot of poetry in my teens, but never committed to writing anything lengthy. Sebastian Falls actually came to me after a serious conversation with God. It was a simple prayer: “Help me become what You created me to be.” Talk about a quick answer, that very day, Sebastian Falls firmly implanted itself inside my brain, and I wrote day and night for a solid month to complete my first draft with pen and paper.

Q. For those who haven't had the pleasure to read your debut novel, can you briefly introduce characters and storyline?
A. I’m the worst at these kinds of questions, so I’ll keep it simple. Seventeen-year-old, Meadow Parker is a wanted girl (by the devil). She has a really hot friend/secret love interest, Casey Somner who’s keeping a HUGE secret from her, and when she finds out, the two have a hard time maintaining their relationship. As a result, another hot guy, Banter steps in to help Meadow because she’s the chick that will either save or destroy the universe. 

Q. The last time I was reading about Meadow, Casey, and Banter (especially Banter, sigh) I was so engrossed in their story that I completely forgot my dinner cooking on the stoves...a culinary disaster. What am I going to burn next? Is a sequel on the way?
A. For sure! I’m working like a mad lady to have a winter release of the sequel, CLOSER TO NEVER. I hate to see a gourmet meal go to waste, but I have to say, you burning your dinner while reading my book, is the highest compliment I’ve ever received! Here’s to Chinese takeout! J

Closer To Never (World Castle Publishing, to be released)
 Q. Anything you can reveal about Closer To Never?
Closer to Never has lots of twists and turns, but the plot is much simpler than Sebastian Falls’ plot. The sequel focuses primarily on Meadow, Casey, and Banter and their turbulent lives.

Q. Hollywood book remakes are the order of the day lately. Do you think Sebastian Falls would work better as a movie feature or a tv series? Who would you cast for the lead roles?
A. Oh, my gosh!!!! I love this question!!!! I have to go with feature film. I sooo hope that happens one day (every writer's dream). Meadow would be hard to cast, but Colton Hayne would make a great Casey, and Liam Hemsworth, a yummy Banter. You can actually check out my character board on Pinterest.

Colton Hayne as "Casey"
Q. Let's talk about the writing process. You are now at your second experience as a writer. Has anything changed in your voice or you think your style remains consistent?
A. I try to keep my style consistent. I’m not an overly descriptive writer. A huge pet peeve of mine is when a writer stops story action to describe a scene or character. I prefer to sprinkle in my descriptions and keep the story moving.

Q. Any important lesson you have learned from your first experience ? Any useful advise you would like to share with aspiring writers?
A. If we keep trying, we can’t fail, and there’s always room for improvement. We’ll never know all there is to know, so we should endeavor to learn more every day. 

Liam Emsworth as "Banter"
Q. The first sentence , the first chapter of a book have the power to either pull a reader in the story or completely fail his/her interest. Sebastian Falls' opening pages were pretty powerful. Can we tease our readers with a few lines from your Closer To Never, just to wet their appetite?

            Fate is pain.

            I need to let him go, but instead of turning around, I slink down the alley with my back pressed against a brick building. If Casey sees me, it’ll make the situation worse than it already is. Still, I’m drawn in his direction, careful to stay in the shadows. His wide shoulders slump to match his heavy strides. I’ve seen the walk before. He’s upset. 

            My mouth opens to call out to him, but no sound emerges. I choke back the plea bubbling to my lips. Words about us sink to the pit of my stomach and burn the lining. Nothing I say will change what we’ve become. Strangers. Or at least, that’s what I am to him. He knows nothing of me, except that I’m a Keeper—a human with a portion of the Father’s power. Oh, and my name, Meadow Parker, those were the only memories spared, concerning me.

Q. How important is it for an author to have a strong presence on social media? Or you think Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. are distracting, time consuming and not really helpful to boost your book sales?
In my experience, blogging hasn’t made a ton of difference, but it’s a nice way for writers to share themselves with their readers. For me, Goodreads is a great way to pull in reviewers, and Facebook is awesome for keeping in touch with my writer pals and blogger buddies, like you, Mina. Oh, and there’s something cool about Googling my name and watching multiple links pop up! That never gets old. J
Thanks for having me, Mina! As always, you’ve made this a delight. J

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