Saturday, January 18, 2014

X-Files Gillian Anderson To Pen Sci-Fi Novels For Simon & Schuster

I can say without any hesitation that throughout my 30-year-long career as a voracious TV viewer, I have never  loved any 'conspiracy theory' drama as much as I loved The X-Files. I have literally idolized Chris Carter's series for the entire decade it's been running (1993-2002) and I was crushed when the unlikely FBI duo, Mulder & Scully (the 'believer' and the 'skeptical'), put an end to their paranormal investigations leaving us with more unanswered questions than satisfactory answers...after all, as writer and producer Frank Spotnitz said about the show, "You can't get the truth. You can't. There is a larger truth though: that you can't harness the forces of the cosmos, but you may find somebody else.  You may find another human being. That may be kind of corny and all of that, but that's really it: that is the only truth we can hope to know, as human beings. That's what Mulder and Scully found after nine year. And that's a lot."

A theater actress in the beginning of her career, The X-Files star, Gillian Anderson, has been involved in several projects over the years, behind the camera and on the stage (tv Masterpiece dramas Bleak House, Any Human Heart, and Great Expectations, to name just a few),  but it's with her role as Special FBI Agent Dana Scully that she achieved international fame. She got her big break with the wildly popular tv series, becoming one of the hottest and most iconic celebrities of the '90s.

If you are wondering what the 5'3" American actress is doing these days (it's said that she had to stand on an apple box to shoot quite a few scenes of The X-Files), other than preparing her March 2014 come back to the small screen with a political thriller (The Crisis, NBC), you'll be thrilled to know that she is spending time at the keyboard, writing science fiction novels. Simon & Schuster has, in fact, announced that the tv star is going to inaugurate the launch of their new imprint, Simon 451, with a book franchise called the EarthEnd Saga. The first book, entitled A Vision Of Fire and co-authored with Tom Clancy's writing partner, Jeff Rovin, will be released next October  under the new imprint devoted to literary and speculative fiction.

"A Vision of Fire centers on Caitlin O’Hara, a world-traveling child psychiatrist who specializes in treating kids who’ve suffered trauma from natural disasters and war. She’s a grounded personality – she has a son, who is deaf, and everything she knows about the world is challenged when she begins treating a uniquely troubled young girl", explains Anderson.“Over the course of spending time and helping her and investigating the origins of the girl’s trauma, Caitlin begins to realize that the girl’s behavior is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale.

We are confident that after a decade spent in a semi-science pretend-world, Gillian Anderson has quite a grasp on fantastical fiction. What we also know is that the American actress has been giving an outstanding contribution to the world of charity with numerous philanthropic initiatives. "Be of service. Whether you make yourself available to a friend or co-worker, or you make time every month to do volunteer work, there is nothing that harvests more of a feeling of empowerment than being of service to someone in need."

Among the charitable organizations she proudly represents and supports, Neurofibromatosis Inc. (a non-profit organization aiming to find a cure for the disease by promoting research and awareness), The Trevor Project (the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention to LGBTQ youth), and Action For South Africa (the successor to the Anti-Apartheid Movement). For a complete list of charities Gillian Anderson is involved with, visit her website.

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