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DREAMS IN THE WOMB: Writings And Verses By Brandon Gene Petit

Writings And Verses 
Orchestrion; September 18, 2012
Paperback, 152 pages
4 out of 5 stars

About the book
The prose poetry and verse of Brandon Gene Petit takes on a more vividly descriptive approach in this romantic, imaginative, and sometimes even erotic collection of love, life, and dream-inspired writing. Fans of romance, memoir, and fantasy alike will find something to tantalize their mental taste buds as they sample Petit's varied lamplight glimpses altogether dark, sexy, insightful and elegant.

My thoughts
For me, one of the greatest pleasures of  reading is the musical effect that a string of written words is able to achieve, and it is for this reason that, although not particularly conversant in matter of poetry and technical mastery, I greatly enjoyed Brandon Gene Petit's collection of writings and verses. I won't burden you with a detailed discussion of stylistic elements and poetic diction: suffice to say that if you decide to read Dreams In The Womb, you will enjoy the incantatory charm of poetry and prose poetry through the prolific (132 pieces in this collection), highly imaginative, and visionary mind of a true "words artisan".

Several are the muses that inspire Petit's journey in "lost realms of poetry and mysticism" - his relationship with God, the solemnity of a natural landscape, love, lust, and passion. Like every romantic poet, though, what mainly fires up its lyric is the angst roused by forlorn love. 

A poet's frustration befalls from above...
Reminds me that muses were not made for love. 
(from Muses Weren't Made For Love)

Unrequitted, star-crossed, one-way kind of love...the poet's muses are enchantresses of the senses, but they're are geographically or emotionally distant, tempting, but careless of his devotion, and what the poet is left with in the end is a handful of stirring memories and deja-vus. 

She brought joy, she brought you sorrow,
But she won't be there when you wake tomorrow;
Though you've told your life story beside her in bed
You might misremember the things that you've said.
(from Miss Remember)

"Passion is love's madness..." and, as a creature of passion, the poet's mind conjures up in his verses the lasting impressions of feminine grace, the pallor of her soft skin, the taste of her lips, the audacity of her looks, and, ultimately, the hazy memory of a failed love affair.

At that moment the man realized that she was doomed to remain a fleeting vision of surface beauty, not destined to become a regular character in the theatrical display of his life. (from A Lovely Passerby)

At ease with the aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of poetic language, as well as with the euphony and heightened imagery of prose poetry, Petit's writing is always emotional, intimate, and melodic. By his own admission, "my poetry rivals me as a is a better, smoother talker than I am."

Among my favorite verses: Omnipresence, Redolence (prose), Hello Again (prose), And Sleep You Must (prose), The Ballade of Anna Marine, The Valley of Shells and Bones,  Lady Things, Love Letters in Disappearing Ink.

***Review copy graciously offered by the author in return for an unbiased and honest opinion

About the author
Brandon Gene Petit is an underground author of poetic prose and verse who refuses to be bound to any one subject or mood. The tone of his pieces can range from gothic to romantic, imaginative to existential. He considers dreams from both day and night to be his biggest influence, though he fancies himself partial to the dreamy prose of Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft. A great number of his works have been inspired by dreams of past-life incarnation experiences, but overall his drive stems merely from a love for classical poetry and aesthetical romanticism. Visit to learn more about this author.

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