Friday, February 14, 2014

While Beauty Slept by Elizabeth Blackwell: BOOK SPOTLIGHT

"Elizabeth Blackwell's writing is magical in this complex, dark, and sensual retelling of Sleeping Beauty. Imaginative, evocative, full of surprises, this is a captivating debut. And like all great fairy tales, this one has the kind of happy ending that requires tissues to wipe away the tears." - M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of Seduction

From the success of Wicked (both the book and the Broadway musical) to ABC's Once Upon A Time, to the feature film Snow White And The  Huntsman, it is clear that there is a vast audience for modern-day takes on fairy tales. Those people will sure to be delighted by Elizabeth Blackwell's While Beauty Slept, a new re-imagining of the story of Sleeping Beauty. In this rich and compelling novel of love and terror, friendship and fate, readers are introduced to a heroine of extraordinary determination - the true heart of a legend who reveals what it really takes to live happily ever after. Full of palace intrigue, betrayal, romance and switched identities, While Beauty Slept truly does have it all for the fairy tale fans. (Putnam)

Coming February 20, from Amy Einhorn Book, Putnam!
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