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"One Exquisite Night In Paris" BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Author Andre Phillip Hautecoeur

Andre Phillip Hautecoeur

Oh Paris! Every woman deserves ONE Exquisite NIGHT in PARIS.
The extreme fantasy that’s Paris is a combination of just two things, which in Paris don’t exist one without the other: perfection and romance. Perfectionist artisans romanticized their life’s work, taking great pride in their craft, and what flowed forth was luxury. It has been that way for centuries; even now you breathe it everywhere.
Paris is by far the most enchanting city in the world—a unique city—a city where you can choose and combine delightful elements in order to fabricate a “one exquisite night’s” fantasy. Each evening after dusk, every hour on the hour for five minutes, an effervescent explosion of choreographed pyrotechnics tears open the darkened Parisian sky, animating the Eiffel Tower, reminding the world that there is nothing or nowhere else on earth like Paris!
Paris is a wonderful city—deliberately and purposefully perfect. Around the world, millions silently dream of uncovering love, romance, enchanting days, and starlit nights in Paris. Everyone should have that dream come true—at least once. The normal tourist loves the cafés or the architecture or the lights, usually oblivious to the cumulative depth and breadth that make for a voluptuous purview that’s Paris.
You must consider Paris from a historic-holistic perch to fully appreciate the wonderful city around you. It all works perfectly—together. The Paris you see today is the culmination of hundreds of years of incremental efforts toward luxury and sensuality, crystallized into a perfectly romantic intuition. History melds a vision for beauty, function, and quality of life; and in every generation, Paris existed for art, craftsmanship, literature, and enlightenment. The sublime elation you feel while walking the streets of Paris, is an emotion centuries in the shaping.
Over hundreds of years, every monarch embraced a duty to both functionally and aesthetically improve the city. Then Napoléon III imposed a declaration on his urban engineer, Baron Haussmann, that together they must create “the most beautiful city in the world.” Every element of Paris was reconsidered relative to the objective of beauty, functionality, and history. Paris was to be a beautiful, livable city—the architecture, the boulevards, the lighting, and leisure. To create a clean canvas, they destroyed upward of twenty-five thousand buildings, redesigned woods and gardens, and redefined boundaries. Unlike most other cities, the Paris you see today is deliberately and purposefully planned. 



Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur

Hautecoeur Press; November 30, 2013
 Paperback & eBook, 198 pages
Contemporary Romance
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What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done? Take a moment, close both eyes, summon your most exaggerated fantasy, and multiply by 1000. Feel the extraordinary moment for a minute…then multiply it all by 1000 again.

That’s this story. It’s your story too.

If you were ever a little girl, or even a little boy with a romantic soul, you would have known very early on, that someday love would require you to do wonderfully ridiculous things.  And so, I’m going to explain to you, why the most intriguing thing you will ever want to do, is get on a plane and fly to an exotic dinner, at some elegant trois-étoiles across the ocean in Paris. 

About the author

Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur defines himself as, “…not a writer really.” He simply had an urge to write something about Paris.

It’s the city exactly at the intersection of romance, history, fantasy and enchantment; everyone faces Paris in some form of a dream. He came to know and love Paris hanging onto the hem of his wife’s skirt. She’s Parisian, she’s everything French without constraint; she makes understanding all of Parisness a pleasure. An understanding which made him want to write.

Together they make home between New York and Paris. Shuttling back and forth continues to be the ultimate dream.

His latest book is the contemporary romance, One Exquisite Paris Night.

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  1. Oh Paris <3 My lifelong dream city to visit!

    1. If you haven't yet, then my wish for you is that you will visit the City of Lights with your significant other some the meantime, let's travel with a book. Thank you for stopping by, Goldie.