Thursday, October 24, 2013


50 Things To Do With Preschoolers
Authors: Sally and Phill Featherstone
Release Date: June 1, 2013
Publisher: Gryphon House
Edition: paperback, 88 pages
Genre: parenting guide, self-help, children
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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"There's plenty of research to show that babies and children who enjoy a stimulating home environment learn better and more quickly. So what parents and caregivers do to lay the groundwork for learning early on is an investment that pays back throughout their child's life."

Blurb--Explore, inquire, and experiment alongside young learners using the 50 simple ideas offered in this engaging series. Written specifically for parents, the activities in the books will lead to infectious excitement and enthusiasm for learning. Each activity features easy-to-follow instructions with plenty of tips and suggestions for extending the learning. Using objects easily found in most homes, this collection of purposeful play experiences will help children ages three to five develop key skills at their own pace and to make unhurried, important discoveries. Activities for preschoolers include finger painting, fun with animal sounds, and simple crafting.

My review--50 Things To Do With Preschoolers by Sally and Phill Featherstone is an excellent parenting guide and a valuable source of ideas for caregivers and workers in childcare settings. Not only does the book offer a wide range of suggestions on how interact with pre-schoolers (age 36-50 months and, in some cases, even beyond) in a stimulating home/daycare environment; it also provides parents with precious insights into children' s psychology, motor skills and emotional development. All in a very approachable manner. This guide is part of a trilogy. Look for Book 1 (50 Fantastic Things To Do With Babies) and Book 2 (50 Fantastic Things To Do With Toddlers) on Amazon

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