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Life Lessons For Children With Monica Dumont: A Review

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"What we remember from childhood we remember forever", said Cynthia Ozick. It's during that brief and wonderful season of our lives that our early experiences leave a firm imprint on the future development of our personalities. What in our dispassionate eyes of adults is just part of a routine, can be a real challenge  for our children - a steep road, source of self-doubt and anxiety.

In her debut self-help series for children, author and motivational trainer Monica Dumont portrays, with an easy language and endearingly simple illustrations, some of the most common life situations that may trigger, in our kids, frustration (The Little Bear And The Big Bear), anxiety (Alex And The Rabbit), impatience (Blueblah The Sleepy Racoon), and lack of self-trust (Emma The Bumble Bee).

Dumont's characters find the way to overcome their fears and insecurities, within themselves or interacting with their peers. Their positive message is delivered with a clarity and simplicity that make these colorful books suitable for a young audience (pre-k and lower elementary grades), as well as grown-ups. Each of the books, in fact, comes with an unique exercise designed to help parents bond with their children and practice with them the teachings of each story. Dumont's books include also exercise logs and fun activity pages.

***Review copies graciously offered by the author in return of an unbiased and honest opinion

Alex And The Rabbit
This is a beautiful story about a little boy who takes his cute rabbit out to play and when something unforeseen happens, he and his rabbit remember the importance of becoming calm. This book comes with a unique exercise perfect for parents and children to practice the teachings the book has to offer (blurb).

The Little Bear And The Big Bear
This is a beautiful story about a happy little bear who meets a big grumpy bear. As they become friends, the little bear teaches the big bear how to deal with what the big bear sees as blocks. This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in recognizing and dealing with frustration which many times can lead to anxiety (blurb).

Blueblah The Sleepy Racoon
Blueblah is a raccoon who is afraid of trying things out. One day as he is taking one of his usual naps, he is awakened by a group of raccoons that help him realize that being great at something does not come automatically, but that practice, participation and patience are important keys to success. This book comes with a unique exercise for you and your child to practice the teachings the book has to offer (blurb). 

Emma The Bumble Bee
Emma is a young bee on her first day going out to collect pollen. Every young bee is intrusted with this important duty and Emma has to find within herself the strength and inner wisdom that is every bee's birthright. This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in developing self-trust and personal strength (blurb). 

About the author 


Celebrated for her children’s personal development series, Monica Dumont is a Guatemalan-born Canadian author and motivational trainer whose work is credited with being inspirational and touching. Her expertise is on the field of business and personal development. She draws upon her childhood memories and the lives of the children in her life to create stories that speak deeply to her young audience.

You can learn more about Monica visiting her website The Success Room, Goodreads, Amazon, and Facebook page The Children's Personal Development Series

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