Friday, October 25, 2013


Author: Doug "Ten" Rose
Release Date: November 8, 2010
Published by Doug Rose
Edition: paperback, pages
Genre: road journal, travel journal, autobiography, non-fiction
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

"Happy people do not kill each other. Human life may always contain illness, old age, and death - but the way we train ourselves to view these things can reduce much of the actual suffering that accompanies those experiences. It can also decrease the production of circumstances that might lead to future sufferings. [...] The main purpose of my life is to help create positive counterparts to existing evil."

Blurb - Fearlessness begins when the author is 15 years old, hitchhiking away from a drug-dealing adolescence in Brooklyn. True stories from Doug Rose's 35 years on the road encountering heavenly Hells Angels, oxygen orgasms, transcendent Buddhist wisdom, lesbian musicians playing a rock concert for the deaf, martial artists battling Neo-Nazis, a modern-day Robin Hood, and other unforgettable events. Wisdom woven throughout hilarious adventure.

My review - "The way is not [on the road]. The way is in the heart." I found Buddha's words to be quite fitting to give you a sense of what this memoir by Doug "Ten" Rose stands for. I would assume the author applied a light coat of fictional sheen to his remembrance of that portion of life spent on the road in search of his true self. But, whether realistic fiction or travel log, Fearless Puppy On American Road is an open "manifesto" of personal views and social commentaries, loaded with emotional authenticity and clarity of vision. The fact that Rose's narrative is so well paced, so well written, pleasant to read and engaging at all times is just the icing on the cake. Not only a vivid portrait of an era (1960s and 1970s) painted through the eyes of a true child of that culture, but first and foremost an honest picture of the stupidity and saving graces of our human nature. 

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About the author - "If you put the writings of Kerouac, Chopra, Hunter S. Thompson, Castaneda, Black Elk, Will Rogers, Gandhi, and a clown in a blender with 500 lbs. of additional hallucinogens and a time machine, you would have the writings of Doug Rose." Doug "Ten" Rose is the author of two books - Fearless Puppy On American Road, and the recently released Reincarnation Through Common Sense. He has organized charity projects involving governors, senators, rock stars, and major league sports teams. "Ten" has also been a heroin addict and drug dealer, worked as a juvenile and psychiatric outpatient counselor, in factories, construction, and environmental outreach. All author profits from book sales are donated to sponsor Tibetan Monks, Nuns, Lamas, and their causes. To know more about this author, his books, and his philanthropy, please visit his website

***Review copy generously offered by the author in return for an unbiased and honest opinion



  1. This is a very interesting and thoughtful review. Congrats to "Fearless Puppy" for continuing to score high praise from readers.

    1. After reading this book, I felt "enriched" and grateful for the opportunity to be part of Doug Ten Rose's ride, even just as a reader. I look forward to REINCARNATION THROUGH COMMON SENSE. Thank you for stopping by, Adele.